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In Other Words: Mar. 2nd, 2012

I spent this entire week reading articles on videogames so you didn’t have to. Do you know what that means? Do you have any idea of the love that shows for you, you faceless audience? No?

Well, screw you too, and here are your articles.

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What Kind of Adventure Can We Have Now?

My Twitter feed this week has pretty much transformed into a Double Fine IV drip. Each day has given me a steady supply of information on the studio, first regarding Minecraft developer Markus “Notch” Persson offering to fund a Psychonauts sequel, and second, a Kickstarter campaign designed to let users fund a new, traditional adventure game. While the former development is currently being hashed out in private (or may be dead? I don’t know), the latter has reached a very public conclusion less than a day after its appearance: Double Fine will be making an adventure game again.

All of this begs the question of what kind of place a new entry to the antiquated genre — even one developed by some of the masters of the form — would have in today’s climate?

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