Who are the Digital Love Children?

Digital Love Child is:

Reid McCarter is a writer, editor and musician living and working in Toronto. He has written for sites and magazines including Kill Screen, The Escapist and C&G Magazine. He is also editor-in-extremis for videogame site Digital Love Child. His Tweet-fu is strong @reidmccarter.

Trish Osuch is a web marketing specialist from Toronto. She is Digital Love Child‘s resident novice and plays games as big as Portal without knowing anything about them. Follow her on Twitter @trishosuch.

Michael Campagnaro is a man of technology and art. He spends his days in Toronto manipulating computer bits whilst building games, web apps and personal tools to manage his spoon collection. He occasionally puts thoughts down on digital paper, coherent or not. Follow his Twitter toots @mikecampo.

John Law is a musician, writer and crier from Toronto. He spends his days removing lint from his belly button and trying to understand why things happen the way they do. When he fails to do so he writes about it here, at his blog, or — when he really doesn’t understand something — on Twitter under the name @JohnBobLaw.

Tom Auxier writes about games, stories and narrative from the snowy confines of Western Massachusetts. He is Features Editor at Nightmare Mode, blogs about fiction and music on his own site and can be followed on Twitter @trueaxiom.

Adam Burch was put on this Earth to play God Hand and chew bubble gum . . . and HE’S ALL OUT OF BUBBLEGUM! He programs robots and videogames and is ruining esports. He wants to start a game studio one day, release a spiritual sequel to God Hand and live the rest of his days bitter that it didn’t make him filthy rich. Read his blog Thus Spoke Pi or follow him on Twitter @roughly22over7.

Graydon James delivers your mail when he’s not making music that disappoints his parents.  He’s a tea enjoyer and a dad, therefore he only experiences video games in the most casual, between-diaper-changes kind of way.  But he has a lot of opinions and sometimes he writes them down, usually on Twitter under the handle @graydonj.

. . .

Would you like to contribute to Digital Love Child? Yeah? Well, then you could always send an email (please attach samples and/or CV) to digitallovechildsubmissions@gmail.com.

Writing, for the time being at least, is unpaid. It pains me to admit it. Professional writers oughtta be compensated for their work but Digital Love Child is a passion project that doesn’t make any dough thus far. Contributors are encouraged to fashion badges to wear on their breast pockets, however, and these may be labelled, “#1 Nerd”, “PRESS”, or “PRESS NERD”.

For all other inquiries (including press and/or advertising information) please contact reidmccarter@gmail.com

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